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Pamper Parties

Pamper Parties with The Teepover Club are the ideal solution for a girlie treat, combining a beautiful backdrop with a fun activity to keep them entertained.

Our Pamper Parties provide the setting you need to simply add your favourite products - an ideal solution for those concerned about allergies or very young skin!

Available in a pretty pink or botanical theme and to be set up indoors or out for up to 6 people per table, this stylish table can be added to a Teepee Sleepover or booked on its own for an afternoon treat.

And for a truly memorable experience, why not complete your party with personalised spa slippers, headbands or robes for the guests to keep too?

Please note: Our Pamper Parties are currently available in the Southampton, Portsmouth and Stroud areas.

Contact Us to book your Pamper Party today

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