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Luxury Teepee Sleepovers

Do you remember sleepovers with your friends  when you were younger? Long nights spent gossiping with your nearest and dearest whilst watching scary movies until the early hours. Now add an individual fully styled teepee per person with fairy lights, cosy cushions and the most stylist accessories, and you have yourself a Teepover!


We have a wide range of Teepover themes available for boys and girls, and the list is ever growing! 

Over the Rainbow by The Teepover Club.jpg

Over The Rainbow 

Safari Adventure

A Touch of Magic


Gaming Zone

Festival Boho

Fairytales & Unicorns

Enchanted Charm by The Teepover Club.jpg

Enchanted Charm


Simple & Stylish

Football Fever


Beautiful Ballerina


Outer Space

Double Wigwam by The Teepover Club.jpg

Double Wigwam

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