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10 Top Tips for Planning a Sleepover

It's your child's birthday coming up and you've decided to make their dreams come true with a big birthday sleepover... Great decision! They'll have a fantastic time and you don't need to worry about booking a party venue for 30+ children - instead they'll enjoy a night of fun with their closest friends in the comfort of your own home.

...But we understand that as a parent, having a house full of other people's children, can be quite daunting, especially if it's the first sleepover you've hosted.

That's why we've pulled together our list of Top 10 Tips for Parents Planning a Sleepover, we hope it helps!

1) Dedicate one room in your house to the sleepover and make it as inviting as possible so the children are excited to spend the night in there - which will hopefully limit the mess around the rest of your house! We may be a little biased but we think teepee sleepovers are the perfect way to create a memorable and exciting area for the children to enjoy

2) Clear the clutter - If you have the space, assign a separate room for the storage of non-sleepover items (such as school bags) to avoid unnecessary clutter...and lost items!

3) Set bedtime expectations at the beginning of the night and stick to them! For the younger guests, you may wish to run this by their parents as well ahead of the party

4) And make sure you have the contact details of all parents or guardians of your party guests, in case of any emergencies 

5) Limit the sugary drinks and snacks - of course a sleepover wouldn’t be complete without a few sweet treats but offering some healthy options too will make bedtime run a lot smoother (when this finally comes around)!

6) Make a plan - discuss with your child what activities they and their friends would like to do during the sleepover and create a timetable of activities to display to act as a guide for the evening and help guests feel at ease…but do understand that not everything goes to plan! Especially when children are involved!

7) Turn off the Wifi at bedtime - smart phones get pretty boring without internet!

8) Light the way - Remember to leave a light on for those middle of the night toilet trips for guests who may not know your house that well

9) Have breakfast laid out ready - mini cereal packs, croissants, toast, condiments and orange juice are all simple to lay out in the kitchen before you go to bed, allowing you time to make yourself a coffee if (when) they wake at the crack of dawn insisting to be fed 

10) Lastly, enjoy! Children LOVE sleepovers, and a good sleepover with lots of fun will be remembered for years to come. Try to relax and enjoy watching them have a great time - remember it's just one night of mayhem!

Do you know?

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