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Sleepover Packing Essentials

So your child has been invited to a sleepover and is bouncing with excitement! You're also excited about the prospect of a "night off" but you can't help but feel slightly anxious about the thought of packing all their cherished belongings for a night away...

Keep It Simple

The good news is, they really don’t need a lot - remember the more they pack, the greater potential for things to get forgotten so keep it simple, with this short list of essential items:

  • Pyjamas - but remember, sleepovers can get hot! With lots of children bouncing around a room filled with blankets and duvets, we recommend you keep the pyjamas light

  • Hoodie - Just in case they do get cold, also it may make them feel more "at home" with their favourite hoodie at hand

  • Slippers - for the ultimate comfort, especially when they go to the toilet or into the kitchen for breakfast in the morning

  • Toothbrush - we don't think this one needs much explaining!

  • Clothes and underwear for next day - as above!

  • Hair ties and brush - for those prone to "bed head" like us

  • Favourite soft toy (if they have one) - particularly important if it's their first night away, their little soft friend will hopefully provide the comfort they need to make them feel relaxed and enjoy the night

So there you have it, we told you they don't need much! We're sure the parents will thank you too for not dusting the suitcase off and packing the world.

At The Teepover Club, all bedding is provided with our teepee sleepovers so please don’t worry about bringing pillows, sheets or blankets. 

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